Suga’ Melon Candle


Suga' Melon is all about front-porch pitcher of Kool-aid vibes. I’m talking “be home by the brightening of a streetlight”, picking weeds from the ditch in your Nannie’s front yard for ya Momma, popsicles on the porch, living in your lime green bathing suit.

What You’re Receiving:
An 11 oz coconut-soy candle with cotton wick

Scent Notes:
Watermelon, Zest, Lemon, Sugar

Coconut Soy Wax and Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils

Tee Gee Goodes' small batch candles and tealights are made with coconut-soy wax, cotton wicks, and fragrances without harmful additives. Our refreshers are also crafted with skin-safe bases so they can be worn as a perfume or give you peace of mind after spraying them on your bedding. Wax melts are also comprised of coconut-soy and the same clean fragrances. Rest assured that your home will smell clean without the risk of pollutants clouding up the air.

We believe in a sustainable business model and work to find alternative and biodegradable options for our retail packaging, shipping, and production practices. We know we won't be around forever, but the waste we leave behind will. Being conscious of the Earth isn't just a cool retail trend for us - it's something we implement into our homes and daily lives. Even our wax is sustainable and eco-friendly!

 We've tirelessly tested all of our products in-house and stand by them. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Customer Reviews

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Lindsey C.

So listennnn... I thought I died of room scented happiness when I first smelt my Salt candle gently perfuming the air. I recant. I DIED F'REAL when Suga' Melon wafted through my living room and straight into my inner child's soul. It's a mix of scents that hearken to that first red lip balm we all fell in love with, a sweet sticky summer slice of watermelon, and actual heaven. Buy one... no, buy two.

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